A Dental Filling or Dental Crown Might Be Needed to Restore a Tooth Suffering from Dental Attrition

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When an alignment problem with your teeth causes one to wear excessively on another the gradually developing area of dental attrition can lead to increasing complications. As the tooth enamel start to degrade you might notice a change in the surface texture of the tooth. In time you might start to notice increasing sensitivity, or significant discomfort in the tooth.

If you have noticed any of these symptoms with one of your teeth, you need to have examined by a dentist like Dr. Nathalie Dowsett. With early detection, she might be able to repair a small area of dental attrition with a simple dental filling.

This treatment plan might also call for Dr. Nathalie Dowsett to perform a dental contouring treatment. This will make minor changes in the tooth that caused the dental attrition to minimize further issues.

If the area of dental attrition is large, the tooth was previously repaired by a dental filling, or a cavity has started to develop, Dr. Nathalie Dowsett might recommend replacing the tooth’s enamel layer with a dental crown.

If you live in the Calgary, Alberta, area and you suspect one of your teeth has been distressed by dental attrition, you should call 403.229.0510 to have it examined by the oral care specialists at Dowsett Dental Health.