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You can benefit from dental care that is healthier for your body when you visit our office for biological dentistry. Dr. Nathalie Dowsett uses quality equipment and materials that improve your oral health without harming the rest of your body. Please contact our dentist today if you want to benefit from biological dentistry in Calgary, Alberta.

Biological dentistry, sometimes called holistic dentistry, focuses on how dental procedures affect the body as a whole. For this type of dentistry, we use dental restorations and equipment that are healthier for patients by being less toxic and more environmentally friendly. With biological dentistry, we care for your overall health, not just your oral and dental health.

There are many ways we implement biological dentistry at our office. For one, we don’t use dental restorations that contain mercury or other harmful materials. In fact, we offer a service where we remove mercury (amalgam) fillings and replace them with healthy composite ones. We also do not use toothpastes, water, or other substances containing the fluoride mineral, which can be toxic in large doses. Additionally, we sterilize equipment without the use of harmful chemicals and make our dental treatments as biocompatible as possible. Call our office to learn more about biological dentistry today.