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Are you embarrassed of your yellowing teeth and dull smile? Well, Dr. Nathalie Dowsett has a way of boosting your self-confidence with professional teeth whitening in Calgary, Alberta!

Our team at Dowsett Dental Health offers take-home whitening techniques that are custom made for you and your situation. We invite you to call our office and set up an appointment to meet with our dentist. At this meeting, Dr. Nathalie Dowsett will decide how much whitening you need and will also create a customized bleaching kit for you. If you are dedicated and committed to using this system as instructed, your teeth can be lightened by one or more shades. While the results of your whitening treatment should last for at least 1-2 months, you may require teeth whitening touch-ups in the future to keep your smile bright.

If you are interested in whitening your teeth but you do not wish to use the techniques we offer, we invite you to meet with us and talk to your dentist about further options. These options might include over-the-counter whitening strips, whitening gels, or whitening trays. Our dentist will be able to evaluate your situation and suggest the treatment that is right for you.

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Call our office now and set up an appointment to meet with Dr. Nathalie Dowsett!