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Are you missing multiple teeth? Are you looking for a solution to restore the function and appearance of your smile? Dr. Nathalie Dowsett offers dentures in Calgary, Alberta, to give you what you are looking for!

Dentures are removable oral appliances made up of artificial teeth set into a pink, gum-colored base. To place the appliance, you put the denture over the gums and suction it to the roof of your mouth, allowing it to replace your natural gums and teeth. A denture is an appliance that can be worn while you eat, speak, laugh, and smile, and it can also be removed as needed for cleaning. For tips on how to effectively clean your dentures, we welcome you to ask our team during your next appointment at Dowsett Dental Health’s office.

You might need a little bit of practice to become familiar with your dentures, and that is completely normal. We suggest that you eat small, soft foods when you begin wearing the dentures and then gradually move up to the normal foods you would eat throughout the day. We also recommend speaking difficult words aloud to help your tongue become more used to the dentures.

Call our office now to learn more and dentures and to schedule your next visit with our dentist.