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If you want your smile to be strong and healthy and well as beautiful, then ask Dr. Nathalie Dowsett about bioesthetic dentistry. Our dentist will use several different treatments to improve the function of your bite so your teeth will look stunning. Schedule an appointment at our practice if you want to benefit from bioesthetic dentistry in Calgary, Alberta.

Like its name suggests, bioesthetic dentistry is a combination of creating a smile that is healthy and beautiful. The main focus of this type of dentistry deals with your chewing system. When your bite aligns properly, then your teeth not only function efficiently, but they look beautiful as well. However, if you have a malocclusion problem (an uneven bite), then your teeth can be subject to wear and you may experience strain and discomfort in your jaw (called TMJ disorder).

With bioesthetic dentistry, we make sure that your chewing system is in good condition so you can have a gorgeous smile. We will diagnose your problems, take impressions of your teeth, and plan the best treatment solutions. We may use a variety of services to improve your bite, from the placement of dental restorations to TMJ treatment. Contact our dental team today if you want to learn more about how we make sure your teeth are functional and unworn with bioesthetic dentistry.