Avoid Oral Ailments with These Holistic Dentistry Guidelines

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Holistic dentistry revolves around the belief of whole-body wellness, which often originates within the mouth. Keeping your mouth healthy begins with keeping your mouth safe. Avoid oral ailments with these holistic dentistry guidelines:

– Try to avoid fluoride treatments, as fluoride has been linked to a variety of abnormalities within the body, including fluorosis, bone disorders, cancer, and death. There is also research that shows that fluoride does not provide any benefits to your teeth.

– Try to avoid root canals because they are often seen as highly ineffective and can even make your oral health worse. The reason is due to the chemicals used in root canals to clean the tooth. They are considered toxic and can cause cancers and heart disease.

– Many procedures in traditional dentistry are not biocompatible, meaning they use chemicals and instruments that are not compatible with the human body. This includes materials in bridges, crowns, composites, and others. Holistic dentists strive to remove these harmful substances and replace them with healthier alternatives.

– Mercury fillings should be avoided at all costs. Mercury is used in dental amalgams, but even in the smallest doses, mercury is toxic and can cause harm to the mind and body.

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