Foods to Be Wary Of

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Have you heard that chewing ice could crack your smile? Did you know that this claim is true? Did you know that you could also crack your smile simply by eating? Fortunately, this is a relatively rare occurrence, but if you bite down with too much force or chew on an unexpected object, you could damage your smile. To help you protect your smile, we are happy to tell you about a few of the foods you should be careful of.

Watch for Pits: Be careful when you bite into an olive—there may be a pit. While biting into an olive itself is not harmful, crunching down on a pit can fracture your smile. When you bite hard on an unexpected, sturdy object, your tooth could crack.

Easy with Almonds: While almonds have many health benefits, they can also damage your pearly whites—especially if you chew the almond whole. The hard shell especially can crack your teeth.

Careful with Candy: Sugars can cause problems with your smile, but biting into candy can cause a different set of problems. Frozen candy or candy with hard fillings may result in broken teeth. Still, biting into hard candies is even more dangerous. If you need hard candy, please don’t bite on it.

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