Insights on Bioesthetic Dentistry

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The appeal of the teeth in your smile is a direct reflection of the health, and functionality of your entire mouth. All of the different aspects of your mouth, your teeth, bite, muscles and TMJ joints evolved to work together as its own system. Sometimes referred to as the Chewing System, these interrelated components of your mouth help to prevent problems from developing.

There are a few common symptoms associated with someone who needs help from bioesthetic dentistry. These include: chronic headache pain, sore jaw muscles, TMJ disorder, chronic night grinding issues which can cause chipped or fractured teeth.

Bioesthetic dentistry works to improve the position of the jaw, to improve the alignment of the teeth and give you a more effective bite pattern. It also looks at jaw structure to improve overall oral health.

Any chronic issues with grinding your teeth at night will also need to be addressed. The increased tension on the TMJ joints can cause headaches, soreness and inflammation issues in the joints that hinge your jaw. In some cases, this might seem like something simple like popping and cracking in the TMJ joints. However, it is often a sign of something more serious is imbalanced in your mouth.

If you have questions about bioesthetic dentistry, or you have struggled with any of these symptoms in the past, please feel free to call Dr. Cryderman at 403.229.0510 to set up a consultation.

I look forward to helping you improve the health of your mouth!