Insights on the Philosophy of Biological Dentistry

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In a certain light, Biological Dentistry is a term designed to help practitioners stand apart in their holistic philosophy of treating a patient’s teeth in relation to their overall health. Your teeth are a part of your body, if your health fails, so will your teeth.

One of the main areas that biological dentistry addresses, is the concern over sources of toxicity. Modern life has a lot of toxic elements that can find their way into your body and have a very serious negative impact on your overall health.

In biological dentistry, this philosophy extends to the methods and materials used in common dental procedures and fillings. It also includes reducing the pathogens in your mouth, such as bacteria, that can cause infection and inflammation issues like gum disease.

Each time a tooth is worked on it causes a systemic exposure in the mouth. The body will naturally respond to this in its own way. As a practitioner of biological dentistry, I make sure that you understand all of your treatment options. Then I help you to choose a treatment option with the lowest possible toxicity.

Biological dentistry see prevention as a key treatment option. Improving your diet as well as your oral hygiene routine will reduce the bacterial load in your mouth, on your teeth and in your gum tissues. This helps to prevent future problems with periodontal disease and tooth decay from happening.

If you have questions about biological dentistry, or you would like to explore your treatment options, please feel free to call Dr. Cryderman at 403.229.0510 to schedule an appointment. I look forward to helping you have a healthy mouth!