What Happens if Your Dental Crown Falls Out?

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Your dental crown serves to preserve your smile and the structure of your teeth. When you were initially fitted for the crown, you were advised that it would last a long time with proper care and maintenance. But what if something happens and your crown falls out?

If your crown appears loose, breaks or falls out, you will want to call your dentist as soon as you can to find out the next course of action. Your dentist will advise you on the best treatment or replacement of the crown, depending on what caused the crown failure.

You don’t want to put off seeing your dentist. If you wait awhile, other complications might arise including:

–Bacterial infection
–Teeth moving (which could cause the crown to no longer fit)
–Gum tissue growing into the area where the crown needs to be attached
–Possibly damaging what is left of the tooth.

If your crown does fall out, don’t attempt to clean or brush the exposed abutment or the crown itself. Look in the mirror and see what the abutment is doing. If the cement failed to hold the crown, you will see a small nub of tooth standing out from your gums, or the metal abutment. Check to see if the crown is hollow. If it is, your dentist will clean the crown and the abutment properly and then cement your crown back into place.

Another cause for crown failure may be gum disease. Diseased gums may recede from the teeth, allowing bacteria to invade the edge of the root where the crown meets the abutment. The bacteria can attach to the abutment and weaken it, or infect the pulp and the root of your tooth. In this case, you may notice a fracture in the abutment at or near the gum line. You may also see part of it inside the crown. Should this be the case, you may need a root canal to replace the tooth structure.

In case your crown falls out, remember to stay calm, pick up the phone and call your dentist. Don’t wait for other complications to develop. We will gladly help you restore your crown as conveniently as possible, and keep your smile going all year round!

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