Your Dental Crown Questions Answered

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What is a dental crown?
A dental crown is a cap that is shaped like a tooth that will cover the entire visible portion of a tooth when it is placed. A dental crown is used to repair a damaged tooth.

When is a dental crown needed?
When a tooth is too damaged to be repaired by a dental filling, a dental crown in Calgary, Alberta, may be recommended by Dr. Nathalie Dowsett. Some common issues that may require a dental crown include:

– A broken tooth
– A tooth that is in danger of breaking
– A worn down tooth
– A tooth with weak enamel
– A tooth that needs a bridge (which is supported by dental crowns)
– A tooth that has had root canal therapy

What should I expect during dental crown placement?
When you come in to have a dental crown placed, the enamel is shaped to allow room for the dental crown. Then impressions are taken of the tooth and the surrounding teeth so that the dental crown can be made specifically for your smile. When your crown is complete, our doctor will check the fit and color of the crown. If needed, adjustments will be made. Then the dental crown will be cemented in place.

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